Commercial Passenger Elevators


In-Ground Hydraulic Freight/Cargo Lift

ASG is a provider of residential, commercial, and industrial hydraulic elevator cargo lifts. We offer a wide variety of commercial lifts. Our commercial freight elevators are the highest quality elevators on the market. Our hydraulic freight elevator has many different options available such as a passenger in-ground hydraulic, a LULA lift, a vertical wheelchair lift, and a holeless hydraulic passenger elevator.

Hydraulic Elevator Technology

Hydraulic elevators have been available for more than 100 years. They were created with a basic construction with fewer parts as opposed to traction elevators, which allows for a lower price point and lower maintenance cost. If maintained properly, hydraulic elevators can last more than 20 years. Our hydraulic elevators are typically used in buildings with 6 floors or less.

Preventative Maintenance for Elevators

It is important to have regular maintenance performed on any elevator, not only to prolong the life of your elevator, but also for the safety of its passengers. If you do not have preventative maintenance plan in place, it is critical that one be implemented to prevent dangerous accidents and possible lawsuits. When deciding on a company to maintain your elevator, it is important to hire only highly qualified technicians.

Holeless Hydraulic Passenger Elevator

ASG offers quality residential and commercial elevators. We offer specialty lifts, such as a holeless and hydraulic elevators. Installing a holeless hydraulic elevator can provide people with a disability, elderly people, or people unable to climb stairs easier access to your building. By installing a holeless hydraulic elevator in your building, you will make sure to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as making sure to have your building accessible to all.

ASG is available to discuss all of your options. Give us a call today.

Traction Passenger Elevators