Construction Hoist Rental

American Service Group houses an extensive line of new or almost new Alimak construction hoists for rent. We have various sizes that hold capacities 400 to 7,100 pounds. We offer many services, including installation, maintenance programs, disassembling, training, and onsite technician service. Our elevator experts will schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and design a program or plan that will fit your specifications.

Rack and pinon hoists are designed as a safer alternative to climbing stairs or ladders with equipment. Each one of our hoists are compliant with ASME A10.4, ASME A92.10, and OSHA regulations.

Below is a list of our features:

  • Meets ASME A10.4 Codes
  • Up to 7100 lb Capacity
  • Up to 15" Long
  • UFC Drive for Smooth Starts and Stops
  • Max Height Up to 655'
  • Reliable Cable Trolley System
  • Easily Transported
  • Late Model Reliable Equipment
  • Uncounter weighted for Ease of Jumps
  • Base Disconnect

Additionally we have many available options:

  • Landing Gates
  • Base Platform with Overhead Protection
  • Erection Crane
  • Hoist Operators
  • McKee Voice Communication Speakers
  • Custom Door Location
  • Free Standing Options
  • Custom Car Sizes
  • Engineering

Alimak construction hoists are built to hold up to the stringent effects of a construction site. Our hoists have available capacities of 400-7,100 pounds.

Rental Hoist Operators

ASG can provide onsite highly-skilled technicians and hoist operators to operate the hoist. Sometimes clients need a skilled operator to run their hoist. We have the professionals to assist with that request. While on the job, the hoist operator will do light preventative maintenance, as well as lubrication and bi-weekly inspections. They will also analyze any problems that might arise and give recommendations on fixing them in order to keep the hoist running efficiently.

Industrial Hoist Rental

During turnarounds and outages, a temporary hoist rental can be an efficient solution. Plant inspections tend to move more smoothly and work is done more efficiently with industrial hoists. Temporary industrial hoists provide a safer work environment as well. Climbing up and down ladders or stairs with tools and materials can be taxing. Installing a temporary industrial hoist can reduce the time it takes to get from one place to another as well as getting more work accomplished by your workers since they no longer have the burden of going up and down ladders or stairs. The time saved can result in better productivity. Industrial hoists also provide safety if an emergency occurs. Emergency personnel are able to evacuate employees faster and safer with the use of an industrial hoist. Temporary industrial hoists are used typically FCC, vacuum, boilers, furnaces, coker, crude, and catalytic reduction units.

Temporary Construction Elevators

  • High rise and mid-rise new construction
  • Building refurbishment
  • Vertical expansion
  • New plant construction

Construction Lift Safety Compliance

All of our construction lifts comply with the current ANSI and OSHA regulations. You can trust the experts at ASG Elevators to provide the knowledge and experience needed for your most demanding construction sites. Contact us today for a detailed quote.

Temporary Material Hoists

Material hoists, also known as buck hoists or construction hoists, are designed to carry material, not personnel, for construction or renovation. As an exclusive Alimak dealer, ASG Elevators can provide the perfect solution for your material lifting requirements.

Temporary Transport Platforms

To lift personnel and tools on the construction site for temporary installations, ASG transport platforms can do the job for you.  We offer a range of temporary transport platforms, for sale or rent, with lift capacities from 1,100 lbs to 4,400 lbs.  ASB transport platforms can move at 40 ft/min and doesn’t require a dedicated operator.  You can add a roof if the conditions call for it. With a modular design, ASG transport platforms meet ANSI/SAIA A92.10 standards.  We can provide a solution for just about any transport platform application.